Gaye Broadley

Storm Brewing, by Gaye Broadley

Today is the last day of the 2021 Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show. You have until 5 pm to buy the paintings of today’s featured artist, who is Gaye Broadley. She has sold many paintings at our usual one-day event since first exhibiting in 1997. I am an elected member of Paisley Art Institute and…… Continue reading Gaye Broadley

Samantha McCubbin

Royal Bouquet, by Samantha McCubbin

Samantha McCubbin’s first submission to the Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show was in 2017. She paints floral abstracts, frequently with roses as the stars of her paintings. After graduating from Leeds University in 2011, I have continued to paint and sell my paintings worldwide.  My art practice is dependent on the integration of artistic elements:…… Continue reading Samantha McCubbin

Phil Arbon

Goldfinches, by Phil Arbon

Phil Arbon has only recently been involved with the Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show, submitting for the first time in 2019. I have been painting landscapes and wildlife for 40 years. I have always been inspired by the Scottish Scenery and try to capture the light, colour and moods of this wonderful country.”Phil Arbon Washday…… Continue reading Phil Arbon

Suzanne Hunter

On the Lookout, by Suzanne Hunter

Suzanne Hunter first joined the Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show in 2012, since when she has exhibited every year. On the Lookout, by Suzanne Hunter I have been painting for the past 15 years with my favourite medium being oil.  I prefer doing wildlife, portraits and landscapes.  Morning Stroll, by Suzanne HunterCormorant on the Rocks,…… Continue reading Suzanne Hunter

Henry Robertson

Hidden Cottage, by Henry Robertson

Henry Robertson has been participating in the Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show for over 10 years. His submissions show a wonderful use of colour, favouring the use of watercolours outlined in gouache. I am a retired engineer who fell in love with painting.”Henry Robertson Scudding Clouds Over the Highlands, by Henry Robertson (Sold)Hidden Loch, by…… Continue reading Henry Robertson

Emilio Fazzi

Battlefield Rest Early Doors, by Emilio Fazzi

Emilio Fazzi first submitted to the Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show in 2005. He is known for his colourful landscapes, and favours acrylics as his medium of choice. I am motivated by cultured landscapes and summer light be it in Scotland or Tuscany. I like strong simple colours along with a composition that leads the…… Continue reading Emilio Fazzi

Margaret Burnell

Camusdarach beach, Arisaig, by Margaret Burnell

Margaret Burnell first submitted to the Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show in 2014, and she won the Artists’ Prize in 2020. Camusdarach beach, Arisaig, by Margaret Burnell I have always been interested in art and after many years working in education and teaching, I now devote my time to my own painting and drawing. I…… Continue reading Margaret Burnell

Inez Wait

Atenaro 'on the lunge', by Inez Wait

In 2018, Inez Wait submitted to the Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show for the first time. She also won the Artists’ Prize that year. She is now a professional artist, working on paintings and ceramics. I graduated from Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art in 1992 with an honours degree in Graphic Design and a…… Continue reading Inez Wait

Margaret Duff

Dutch Reflections, by Margaret Duff

Margaret Duff first exhibited her paintings at the Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show in 1984. She has won the Artists’ Prize twice (in 1995 and 2003), as well as the J D Henderson Trophy in 2009. I have been painting for as long as I can remember.  I worked for many years in the Art…… Continue reading Margaret Duff

Rebecca Roberts

Iona Abbey, by Rebecca Roberts

Rebecca Roberts has exhibited at the Art Show since 2001. In her first year, she won the Most Popular Painting Prize, which subsequently become the Artists’ Prize. I learned to paint over many years at Glasgow School of Art Continuing Education with Donald Sutherland, Maureen McKenzie and Cynthia Bowles.  I belong to a life drawing…… Continue reading Rebecca Roberts