How to Buy a Painting

The Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show 2021 is being hosted via jumblebee.

The link for the show – – takes you through to our sales site (which is known as an ‘Auction’ on jumblebee).

You can browse the gallery without signing up to jumblebee. If you wish to make a purchase, however, you will be asked to join as a member. This is for the purpose of communicating with you about your purchase.

Paintings can only be bought for their full price rather than by a series of incremental bids.  This is similar to the ‘Buy It Now’ option on e-Bay, for those who are familiar with that site. 

The total price you will be asked to pay includes the price of the painting and any associated postage (mentioned in the painting’s description). Postage quoted is to the UK only.

When you buy a painting, you will be taken through to the payment system (Stripe), where you will see a screen similar to this example:

Stripe payment screen

This screen will show the item price, then the postage (to the UK only) as a separate amount, followed by the order total.

When you have completed your payment, you will receive an automatic email from us via jumblebee.  (You should note that this email will show the price of the painting but not the postage.)

In this email you will be asked to tell us the name and address of the person to whom the painting should be sent and confirm the name of the painting. Please remember to send this email to

We will give your details to your artist who will then arrange delivery of the painting. 

Please let us know (by email to when your painting arrives. This email address is also the best method to contact us if there are any aspects about these arrangements you wish to discuss.

We have also been advised that our emails are sometimes being filtered into email junk folders. Please remember to check in that folder on your email account, particularly if you are expecting an update about the delivery arrangements of your painting.