Samantha McCubbin

Royal Bouquet, by Samantha McCubbin

Samantha McCubbin‘s first submission to the Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show was in 2017. She paints floral abstracts, frequently with roses as the stars of her paintings.

After graduating from Leeds University in 2011, I have continued to paint and sell my paintings worldwide.  My art practice is dependent on the integration of artistic elements: colour, texture, line and shape.  Painting for me is about experimentation and ‘happy accidents’.  I am not so concerned with the exact representation of an image but rather how the paint reacts on the canvas and the effect which is revealed.  The paint almost becomes the ‘theme’ itself.

Samantha McCubbin

All these paintings are for sale. Medium used: oil.

By Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show

The Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show will, in 2021, be running for the 41st time. 2021 will see us venturing online for the first time, making for an exciting year ahead for the team of volunteers making this event happen.