Heather Raeburn

Swimmer, by Heather Raeburn

Unlike the previous artists we highlighted, Heather Raeburn became a contributor to the Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show more recently. Her pictures have proved very popular since she started submitting in 2017.

Heather uses a more unusual medium, crafting her pictures from textiles, particularly using Harris Tweed.

I have a background working as a midwife and travelling, working here and abroad. Ultimately though, I love Scotland and especially the north west and Outer Hebrides. The colours, hills and the history, the buildings, ruins and old cemeteries!

I particularly love Harris Tweed so combined all of this to create pictures initially depicting the old Blackhouses and our hills.  However, I have found with our altered lifestyle in lockdown, my inspiration has evolved hence this year there’s birds, wild swimmers and different colours too!

Heather Raeburn

All of Heather’s paintings are for sale. Medium: textile.

By Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show

The Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show will, in 2021, be running for the 41st time. 2021 will see us venturing online for the first time, making for an exciting year ahead for the team of volunteers making this event happen.