Iain Gordon

Setting Sun, Birsay, Orkney by Iain Gordon

Iain Gordon is the winner of the J D Henderson Trophy 2021, chosen by Stan Milne (2020 winner).

Iain, who has been contributing to the Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show for many years, won for his painting, ‘Setting Sun, Birsay, Orkney‘. He was the runner up for the Artists’ Prize in 2020.

Iain Gordon’s winning painting,
‘Setting Sun, Birsay, Orkney’
J D Henderson Trophy 2021

I’m an artist living in Eaglesham with my wife and two sons and a springer spaniel called Meg.

I love the outdoors and particularly the interaction of sun, turning the seas turquoise, reflection on wet sand, sunsets and cloud formation. I have a wee soft spot for the Orkney Isles and the rugged far north.

Working in oils, building up layers with brush and palette knife, letting the paint run down and finding its own path, it can take a wee while for a painting to come to completion.

Iain Gordon

Sunset Down the Clyde,
by Iain Gordon

Summer Meadow Near Husinis, Isle of Harris, by Iain Gordon

Summer Moon, Rannoch Moor,
by Iain Gordon

All four of Iain’s paintings are for sale.
Medium used: oil.

By Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show

The Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show will, in 2021, be running for the 41st time. 2021 will see us venturing online for the first time, making for an exciting year ahead for the team of volunteers making this event happen.