JD Henderson Trophy

What have sheep to do with one of the prizes awarded annually at the Art Show?

The previous year’s winner of the J D Henderson Trophy chooses the new winner.

The 2020 winner was Stan Milne, whose work many of you will know for his landscapes. And sheep. Stan’s take on his own work is that he seems “to be inspired by sheep”.

Rt Hon Kenneth McIntosh presenting Stan Milne
with the J D Henderson Trophy in 2020

Stan’s professional life started as an apprentice structural draughtsman, before he switched to engineering. After retiring from engineering, Stan became a full time artist.

His work displays aspects of technical drawing even though his medium these days is acrylic rather than draughtsman’s pens. His landscapes frequently contain familiar but quirky objects (Mars Rover, telephone boxes, the TARDIS to name a few) as well as sheep.

Stan has also submitted work to this year’s show so ewe will have the chance to buy four of Stan’s original paintings when our sale launches on 1 April.

By Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show

The Christian Aid Clarkston Art Show will, in 2021, be running for the 41st time. 2021 will see us venturing online for the first time, making for an exciting year ahead for the team of volunteers making this event happen.

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